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Rabbit dishes are regaining popularity

Rabbits "are helping win the war," proclaimed a Los Angeles Times article from 1943. Touted as a patriotic food during World War II, rabbits were raised by thousands of Americans in their backyards. Along with victory gardens, rabbits helped put food on the table when much of the nation's supply was shipped to soldiers overseas and ration stamps provided less at home. But even though rabbit consumption spiked during the war, it all but disappeared afterward.

Think rabbit today and your thoughts probably veer to cartoon characters, cereal mascots, Easter and adorable pets. Perhaps the only "bunny" you've ever eaten was of the milk chocolate breed. For years, it seems the only place you could find "the real deal" was occasionally on the menu at French or Italian restaurants.

But rabbit appears to be going through a renaissance of sorts.

"I think it's gaining in popularity," says Mark Pasternak, co-owner, along with wife Myriam, of Devil's Gulch Ranch in Marin County. Their farm supplies rabbit to a number of butcher shops and restaurants in and around Northern California, including the French Laundry and Chez Panisse.

And in an era when game meats and nose-to-tail eating are redefining fine dining as food sport, rabbit is both familiar and exotic enough to appeal.

"It almost has a prohibitiony quality to it, like it was something your grandfather ate. It's a great 'old-fashioned' meat," says chef Ken Addington, who, with restaurant partner Jud Mongell, owns LA Chapter in downtown's Ace Hotel as well as Five Leaves and Nights and Weekends in Brooklyn, N.Y. "We've always had rabbit on the menus in Brooklyn. It's a fun, versatile meat."

And though Mongell was hesitant to feature rabbit at first, he's come around to the idea. "In these times when we're trying to be so conscious of what, and how, we're consuming, it's something to consider."

At a time when buzzwords like "organic," "local" and "sustainable" are driving the market, rabbit is ripe for resurgence. According to Slow Food USA, rabbit can produce 6 pounds of meat using the same amount of food and water it takes for a cow to produce only 1 pound. Not to mention the health benefits. Rabbit is a lean meat that is higher in protein but lower in calories, fat and cholesterol than many other meats, including chicken, beef and pork.

But how does it taste?

Domestic rabbit's all-white meat is fine-grained and has a mild flavor compared with other game meats.

"Rabbit is one of my favorite subjects because it is so versatile, like veal or chicken," says chef Evan Funke of Bucato. A favorite dish of his for those new to rabbit is rag¿¿. "Anytime I get the opportunity to introduce people to rabbit, [I do]. Rag¿¿ is easy."

Addington likes to pair bright flavorings, such as citrus, with rabbit; he currently has a lemon grass rabbit rag¿¿ on the menu at LA Chapter.

Though rabbit is mostly available through butcher shops such as Belcampo Meat Co. and Puritan Poultry and online, it is turning up more frequently in upscale markets, including select Gelson's markets. It is usually sold whole, though you can have your butcher break the animal down into parts. (But if you've ever wanted to learn how to break down any four-legged animal, rabbit is a great place to start because it's so small. Do be careful with the bones, however; rabbit bones are even more delicate than those of a chicken.)

And despite its reputation as an inexpensive option during frugal times, store-bought rabbit is not cheap; prices in Los Angeles range from about $10 to $13 a pound for a 2- to 3-pound rabbit.

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The Best Way To Buy Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are an item that because of the internet can now be sourced with great ease and convenience. The thing is do we buy them from our local coffee vendor or should we buy them from an internet based coffee store?

Well this all depends on what coffee beans you might want and how patient you are, in other words both methods have their benefits. Buying a number of blends from a local store will be pretty straight forward but if you want something like green Kenyan beans then it may be that you have to look a little further and use the internet.

One bad aspect to hunting for coffee products locally is the fact that the variety of products that these local dealers stock is usually way beneath that held by the online sites. Letâs pretend the merchant did not have the items you originally wanted but did have a Green Coffee product you might be interested in and an Iced Coffee product you might also want to look over.

Obviously the next thing you need to do is check out the dealer to look at these coffee items for yourself. This is one of the advantages of using a local coffee dealer, seeing the goods before you actually purchase them.

Being able to evaluate merchandise like coffee makers and also Kenyan coffee beans for yourself is a real important factor if a person is coffee buying. Internet shopping does have its good points but it does lose when it comes to looking at items.

The fact that you have real human interaction with a merchant can often be a terrific advantage. Let's say for example you order a Brazilian Santos pack or a Celebes Kalossi Toraja pack. Letâs also say there is some sort of problem with the goods you have ordered and you need to return it to the coffee vendor where you originally purchased the packs.

Now it could just be a matter of simply trading the merchandise you bought for another item or another model. Product returns in local coffee stores can occur very quickly. Say you had purchased something such as a trick coffee mug or an Italian coffee jug via an online coffee store. You may perhaps have to pay both the delivery costs and the inconvenience of having to wait for the merchant to return your cash or send you a replacement product.

Now a good thing about local coffee dealers is the expertise they can give you. Let's imagine you visit your locally store because you are wishing to order a German coffee thermos. It may be you happen to talk with the person in the store and because of their expertise in the area of coffee products you end up getting a completely different product altogether.

Tips and expertise in the area of coffee products can easily be located on the net but you have to be aware of the proper methods by which to probe and dig for your required coffee guidance.

Hopefully now you are fully aware of the benefits on buying coffee beans online so you will be able to make up your own mind on the subject.

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How A Veggie Slicer Can Improve Your Food

Not a lot of people know this, but the way you slice your vegetables can greatly influence the quality of the meals you prepare. This is because vegetables have specific features and characteristics that make them react in certain ways when handled improperly. Moisture, flavour, and even shelf life can be significantly reduced or improved depending on how you choose to handle your veggies.

The use of a veggie slicer has been advocated by many cooks and professionals throughout the years because of the way it can properly cut up your vegetables prior to cooking.

3 Ways a Veggie Slicer can Improve Your Food

1. Less Bacteria, More Electrolytes Studies have shown that using a high quality, sharp veggie cutter can decrease the chances of your vegetables developing bacteria and other pathogens during storage. If youre preparing a garden salad for example and you intend to serve it for later, sharp cutting your ingredients with a veggie cutter will allow it to last longer and offer more health benefits than if you used a dull blade. A dull blade is likely to sap vegetables of electrolytes and vitamins because of the force and pressure needed to get through the veggies. The excessive pressing squeezes the moisture and minerals out of the vegetables, causing them to be less nutritionally substantial than those that are cut with a veggie slicer.

2. Generally Healthier When we slice our vegetables with a dull, inefficient knife, we risk discolouring it, losing its flavour, lessening its moisture, and reducing its nutritional value. This is particularly true for those who tend to slice their vegetables too thinly or finely. A vegetable slicer is optimized to bring out the perfect thickness and size for vegetable slices and ensures that you wont sap your ingredients of these important qualities. Recent research has shown that meals using vegetables that are prepared with vegetable slicers are generally more nutritious and healthy than those that are prepared with knives or bare hands.

3. Shelf Life Improperly sliced vegetables have a tendency to spoil sooner than their properly handled counterparts. This has a great deal to do with the amount of moisture they lose during the process and the effects this has on their respiration. Yes, contrary to popular belief, vegetables that are harvested are still alive until the time that they give in to rot. These ingredients still respirate and consume oxygen as they go along. The less optimal our methods of cutting, the more likely we are to affect this delicate exchange of gasses which can and most probably will affect the rate at which vegetables spoil. That said, a salad thats prepared with a dull kitchen knife should be consumed sooner than one prepared with a high quality veggie slicer.

A veggie slicer can be a great benefit and should always be included in your kitchen arsenal. If you want to ensure that your family or guests are always given the best quality food you can prepare, see to it that you handle your vegetables and ingredients properly by using a veggie cutter.

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The Best Kitchen Utensils That Will Make Cooking Easier

Cooking can be fun for people who love to prepare dishes. Even those who know nothing about cooking can enjoy it because cutting vegetables and doing other tasks in the kitchen is really fun. However, cooking can become tiring and can be boring later on when you dont have the utensils that will make the whole process of cooking easy and simple. Thus, it is crucial that your kitchen have the utensils that will help you cook easier and prepare dishes faster.

Below are some of the best utensils that are indispensable in your kitchen:

Cookware Set Without pans and pots, your kitchen wont be complete. You need to have different sizes of these utensils so you can use the right size when you are cooking for a small or big number of people. The advancement in technology has made the availability of nonstick pans and pots. There are brands that offer a complete set with 10 pieces of cookware utensils. This includes saucepans, stockpot, sauté pan, and frying pans. All of these have lids. The advanced cookware set today allows for easy handling of foods.

Cheese Grater There are lots if recipes that include cheese as one of the ingredients. Some examples are pasta recipes and desserts. With this, it is really important that your kitchen has a box cheese grater. Yes, you need one because a dish requires a particular size and form of cheese. Usually a cheese grater set includes a lid, a container, and two or more grating surfaces in different sizes. With these, you can easily grate cheese and keep them fresh, and when there are leftovers, you can store them in the container like the one the SuperEze cheese grater offers.

Measuring Cups You wont achieve the desired taste, texture and look of the dishes if you dont follow the measurement of the required ingredients properly. It is thus necessary to have a set of measuring cups. Most of the time, you need to use different sizes of measuring cups to cook the dishes properly. Usually, the cups have sizes such as 1/3 cup, ½ cup, ¼ cup, and 1 cup. All baking recipes require the use of measuring cups. The right measurement of the ingredients hugely affects the outcome particularly the taste of every dish.

Aside from these, the other essential kitchen utensils that you must acquire are a knife set, mixing bowls, cutting board, stand mixer, cutting board, peeler, corkscrew, colander, salt and pepper mills, and peeler. With these kitchen tools, your every cooking experience will be truly fun because every step becomes easier and simpler.

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Amsterdam Dinner Show

Known as the Capital City of the Netherlands, Amsterdam has always been one of the most important ports of the Dutch Colony. Home to pillars of literature, such as Hans Christian Andersen, the place is certainly full of magic and beauty. And this year, Amsterdam also serves home to a great Christmas Dinner Show that you can partake in!

Off to the Circus

Your view of the circus may have been distorted over the years, but now, its time to get back to basics, regain some innocence, and enjoy a magical evening filled with surprises and sheer!

The Amsterdam Dinner Show starts with an amazing Magic Workshop where a professional magician would allow you to enter his world, and teach you tricks that you can show off to your family and friends! Youd also learn about objects that you can use for magic art.

Not only that, you wouldnt just be watchingyoud also be given a chance to show off your skills, based on what you have learned! You can now be the star of your own show!

An Entertaining Dinner

After the magic show comes dinner!

An appetizing array of food will be served and while eating, youd still get to watch another spectacular magical show that you certainly wont forget! Surely, the atmosphere of the evening would be festiveand you can bask in it all you want!

Whats more is that you could also opt to buy unlimited drinks for just 8.95/person. You can then enjoy unlimited amounts of cocktails, wine, tea, coffee, and even softdrinks! This way, you could enjoy drinks based on your own preferences and you would not feel dehydrated. Plus, it would be a hassle to get money from your pocket or purse over and over againso this unlimited offer could help you save time and money!

Flexible Rates

While the Circus dinnershow is originally meant for a handful of people, you can contact the organizers to give you discounts if youre only going with another person, or with just around 3 to 4 people. This way, you could still enjoy the showand not feel like you wont have a memorable Christmas!

Make Magic Real

Magic and Circus are not just for kids. In fact, every person on earth could still enjoy these festivitiesand with the help of the Amsterdam Dinner Show, youll be able to have a dashing great timeand experience an event you wouldnt forget for a long time!

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