August 20, 2013

Catnip Party

OMC!  Mama brought a bag out of the guest room today that smelled very delicious. It turns out it's the same bag she took in there a few weeks ago when she cut down the tall stalks with the white flowers on our huge catnip plant we mostly keep outside.

Mama was kind enough to give Ateret, Livia and me some leaves and branches that we played with, rather massacred, and rolled in all over the living room carpet.

Everybody should have their own catnip plant, because then you can always have great fun!


  1. WOW gang, that is one fun NipFest!

  2. Do mean to tell me there are catnip PLANTS??????
    Boy, Glogirly has really been holding out on me.
    ; ) Katie

    1. No way! You don't have your own catnip plant? Ours is outside on the patio. When it flowers, Mama cuts it down some and dries it. It's fun!

  3. Oh what fun! Fresh homegrown catnip :)

  4. Oh yeah! Nothing's better than a homegrown nipfest! :)

  5. Oh you didn't tell us you were having a nipfest pawty!