About Me

Musings Of A Crazy Cat Lady is a labor of love of suburban Detroiter, Stephanie Newman, who is happily owned by three little sweethearts who all unexpectedly came into her life.

Ateret Lilac ("ah-tare-et"), whose first name means crown in Hebrew, was deathly ill, had a broken leg, and it was unknown if she'd live when she was rescued at four months of age in July of 2006.  Stephanie nursed Ateret to good health and had her back left leg amputated.  They've been totally devoted to each other ever since.

Livia Amie was one of a litter of four kittens who were hand-raised from the age of a week old at Ateret's veterinarian's clinic.  Livia developed a very close bond with Stephanie from the beginning, yet Stephanie knew her little friend was destined to go to somebody else's home.  When Ateret's best friend, Tereza died suddenly at the age of four in July of 2007, Stephanie knew she had to take Livia home to be Ateret's friend.  

Abbi Leala was Stephanie's failed foster who decided to stay when on a cage break from a local cat rescue in August of 2009.  Livia and she became fast friends, and although Ateret will never admit it to be so, everybody knows she loves her little brown friend.  Abbi lives in a fantasy land of her own making, believing she's the big girl of the house.  She's a curious, friendly little brown clown.

Stephanie fervently believes that cats aren't pets - they're her furry children and members of the family.  Cats and the people who love them have so much to teach us if we'd just listen.